The AAU Pandemic Ventilator is open source for two reasons. To make it freely available to those in need, and to allow anyone to contribute to the project.

If you wish to contribute to the project, we recommend that you:

Create a Github account if you do not already have one. This will allow you to collaborate with us on Github.

With a GitHub account you can:

• Make suggestions for improvements to the AAU Pandemic Ventilator by creating issues to the main repository of the AAU Pandemic Ventilator or one of its sub-component repositories.

• Offer to work on issues by commenting and discussing existing issues.

• Contribute to a CoRESCUE repository by forking the repository, and creating a pull request to submit your contribution to the project.

Orient you on the main Github page. The AAU Pandemic Ventilator repository is the main repository that holds the information enabling local manufacturers to build the ventilator. There are other repositories for sub-components of the AAU Pandemic Ventilator where you might provide valuable contributions too.

Keep yourself oriented on the contents of the CONTRIBUTING guidelines on Github, as this document will hold the most up to date information.

Open Source is vital for AAU Pandemic Ventilator to assist health care professionals saving lives. We expect you to use and contribute to the project professionally and to high standards. Should you conduct abusive or otherwise unacceptable behavior it will be reported, and we will seek to exclude you and restrict access to the AAU Pandemic Ventilator files, please see our Code of Conduct.