How to use

If you are a health care professional who wish to use the AAU Pandemic Ventilator in the treatment of COVID-19 patients for whom no CE marked ventilator is available, please contact us.

Please be aware that using an emergency ventilator will mean for you as a health care provider that:

• The AAU Pandemic Ventilator is a last resort and should only be used in situations where no other alternatives exist, as the patient would otherwise die if a ventilator is not available.

• The AAU Pandemic Ventilator is not approved as a medical device. The exemption from CE marking requirements is valid in Denmark. If you reside outside Denmark you must seek approval from your local authorities for its use. We hope that our regulatory application [VENT-20-001-DOC Ansoegningsskema] may serve as an inspiration and help when you seek approval.

• The AAU Pandemic Ventilator is not produced by a single corporate entity that assumes the normal legal obligations for placing it on the market. We aim to facilitate production of the AAU Pandemic Ventilator by local manufacturers. Each of these assumes total ownership of our design and is free to choose how they make the ventilators available and under which responsibility. We aim to list local manufacturers of the AAU Pandemic Ventilator as they become available.